Our Services

Interim Resolution Professional (IRP)

Our Team of qualified Insolvency Professionals, can act as Interim Resolution Professional for Financials Creditors, Operational Creditors and for the Corporate Debtors (“Applicant/s”) who are planning to file an application for initiating corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP) Under IBC Code 2016.

Resolution Professional (RP)

We carry out all the duties as required u/s 25(1) of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 to preserve and protect the assets of the Corporate debtor including continued business operations of the CD.


We carry out all the duties as required u/s 35 of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 such as verification of claims of creditors, custody and control of the assets, preserve and protect assets of the company, carry out beneficial liquidation.

Insolvency Resolution Advice

We provide professional and impartial advice to Debtors and Creditors and their Lawyers, Partners/Directors for the best course of action to be adopted for the resolution process in case of default by the Debtor.

Preparation of Application

We help applicants file applications for initiating corporate insolvency resolution process u/Sec.7, 9 or 10 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.

Representation in Committee of Creditors (CoC)

We represent creditors in the CoC and present their points of view.

Voluntary Liquidation

In situation where Corporate Debts indends to liquidate itself voluntary, we can be appointed as the “Liquidator” under Sec. 59 of Chapter V of the Code to carry out the Voluntary Liquidation of the Corporate Debtor under the conditions and procedures specified therein.

Turnaround Finance

We arrange funds for turnaround of companies through Strategic and Financial Investors as per IBC.

Restructuring Advisory

We provide advisory services on Restructuring advisory of business through various strategies such as re-organisation/sell off, financial engineering, expansion strategies, governance and control strategies.

Management Support Service to IRP/RP

On the appointment of an Interim Resolution Professional (“IRP”), the management of the affairs of the corporate debtor shall vest in the IRP. We support the IRP/RP in management of the company, till the Insolvency Resolution Process is complete.

Preparation of Resolution Plan

We help resolution applicants in conducting necessary due-diligence of the companies under CIRP, prepare resolution plan and represent them before the RP/CoC.

Forensic Audit

Investigation into the accounts and statement, and identifying defects in it. It then moves on to find ways to deal with such defects, which is a reactionary function.

Due Diligence

The company provides On Financial due diligence focuses on verifying financial information provided and to asse the underlying performance of the business in the areas of earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flows, debt, management.

Commercial due diligence involving conversations with customers, an assessment of competitors and a fuller analysis of the assumptions that lie behind the business plan. All of this is intended to determine whether the business plan stands up to the realities of the market.

Personal Insolvency

We provide all professional and impartial services and carry out duties as specified in the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code,2016 such as verification of claims of creditors, custody and control of the assets, preserve and protect assets of the company, preparation of repayment plan.

Other Services

Stock and Book Debt Audit

Assessment of the two key current assets of any business which are pillar to working capital finance to any organisation. Our services include checking of the books and other accounting records, visiting sites, analysing movement of goods, valuation of goods .

Back office & Infrastructure Support Services for Insolvency Professionals

We are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure required for providing various IP related services such as IT enabled services, conferencing facilities etc.

Claim Processing

This is one of the critical services involving collating all the data of Financial, Operational and other creditors received on account of Public notices towards claim against CD, Checking of all the claim supports submitted by various creditors, Checking of said claims with financial records, seeking further documents as may be necessary, Recommendation for acceptance of claims.

Accounts and Allied Services

The Company is equipped with providing accounting and other related services to IRP/RP during CIRP period.

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